By Antoine Swietlicki
Monday September 14, 2020 at 3:03 pm

This story is above all a family story. Sandrine Chatelain has lived in this former abbey, which has become a dairy farm, since her birth. Generation after generation, the farm remains in the family. “We are the seventh generation,” she adds. Accompanied by her husband, José-Pierre, she takes over the family farm after her father, even if the latter is never far away and lends a lot of help. In 2009, they decided to diversify the activities of the dairy farm by offering guest rooms. The concept seduced and began one of the big changes within the farm. In more than ten years, the activity which was then only complementary becomes main. Today, “La Rose Laitière” offers a 120m2 reception room as well as a guest room and also two gîtes. Accompanied by their son, Raphaël, and Jérôme, their employee, Sandrine and José-Pierre continue to develop this activity.

Two honorary distinctions

During the difficult period of confinement, the Chatelain family immersed themselves in the “classification of furnished tourist accommodation”, or their two lodgings. According to a predefined rating grid, the two lodgings were rated by an independent body and received a 4 star rating, crowning the work undertaken by the family with success. “This is a great reward for our eleven years of work,” adds Sandrine Chatelain. Above all, this distinction sheds light on the entire establishment.

Still during confinement and with a view to offering new services to their visitors, the family decided to refurbish a caravan to make it an “unusual accommodation” on the edge of the pond and within the enclosure of “La Rose Laitière”. “. What to take full advantage of the surrounding nature.

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